Eurovision 2019 Latest News

EUROVISION-Bilal Hassani’s order of passage is now known. The young singer will perform his King title in the second part of the final of the Eurovision 2019. An additional chance for France to win back the contest!

On May 18 in Tel Aviv, young Bilal Hassani will perform “King” at the Eurovision 2019 finals. This is his hit song written by the duo Madame Monsieur. This song that mixes English and French should allow Bilal Hassani to go very far in the competition, as already announced by the bookmakers, who see the singer as one of the great favorites of the game. Moreover, the artist who represents France at Eurovision will be in a 21st position to sing King. A place of choice, as it is located in the second half of the final, just after the entrance of Madonna. This will make it easier for viewers around the world to remember Bilal Hassani’s performance when they vote. As a reminder, the final of Eurovision 2019 will be broadcast live on France 2 from 9 pm on Saturday 18 May.

Which countries have won Eurovision the most?

If the last victory of France in the Eurovision dates back to 1977 with Marie Myriam and her song “the bird and the child”, Bilal Hassani will do everything in 2019 to win the singing competition. Televisions may not know this, but it is Ireland that records the most victories in Eurovision, with seven singers rewarded. Then comes Sweden with six wins, the United Kingdom with five wins and France with five wins.

We know what Madonna will sing in the Eurovision 2019 finals

Since the announcement of the presence of singer Madonna at the Eurovision 2019, viewers are wondering what the artist will perform at the final. The answer has finally been revealed! The singer will be on stage with a new single from her new album titled “Future “and will then sing”Like a Prayer”.

What is the date for the Eurovision 2019 finals?

On Saturday 18 May 2019, viewers from all over the world will be able to watch the grand finale of the Eurovision Song Contest. In France, France 2 will broadcast the final live from 9 pm. This will be presented by André Manoukian, Stéphane Bern, and Sandy Heribert.

Why is Australia participating in Eurovision 2019?

This may sound surprising, but Australia is participating again this year in the great European singing competition. In 2015, the country was an exceptional guest of honor but still wished to continue the adventure for the following seasons. The reason is simple: a large number of Australians are taking part in the competition and the candidates sent since 2015 still rank very well. Unfortunately, if Australia were to win, it would not be able to organize the competition for logistical reasons, and would, therefore, have to choose a European country to replace it.

Who will be in charge of the Eurovision 2019 finals?

The final of the Eurovision 2019 will take place on Saturday 18 May in Tel Aviv and will be presented in France by André Manoukian and Stéphane Bern. The ceremony is scheduled to last 3: 30 am and will be broadcast live on France 2 television from the International convention center in Tel Aviv. Behind the scenes of this Eurovision show, journalist Sandy Heribert will support the two presenters. It will thus be “the little mouse in backstage”, reports the newspaper Sud-Ouest. The points of the French jury will be announced by Julia Molkhou, who thus replaces Elodie Gossuin. All will be in the front row to comment and to give their opinion on the performances of this final of the Eurovision and in particular that of the French candidate Bilal Hassani.

Bilal Hassani of Eurovision 2019 got kicked out of his school because he’s gay

France 4’s Twitter account released an unpublished excerpt from the documentary “Bilal Hassani, the dream of a life” in which the French representative at Eurovision 2019 explains that he was expelled from his school when the headmaster learned that he was homosexual. The extract is to discover below. The documentary will be broadcast on France 4 from 9 pm on Friday 17 May.

Bilal Hassani has been a Eurovision fan since he was a little boy

Recently, Bilal Hassani explained to the microphone of Europe 1 that he has been following the Eurovision Song Contest since he was a child and that he always wanted to participate. “When I was a kid, I thought this was gonna happen. Eurovision, it’s not cheesy, it’s super stylish! I’ve been a huge fan since I was a kid. I’ve been looking at all the nads since 2009. And I am a fan since 2012 when Loreen won with Sweden.”

A Look behind the scenes at Eurovision 2019 with Bilal Hassani

The official Twitter account of Eurovision France regularly unveils new videos of Bilal Hassani’s rehearsals. The latest one, visible below, allows you to dive behind the scenes of the Eurovision 2019 in the company of the young singer. As you can see, busy he planning son and he doesn’t have a minute to himself! We hope that he will still be in great shape at the final of the singing contest that will take place next Saturday live from Tel Aviv.

The holding of Bilal Hassani for the Eurovision finals required 500 hours of work

Dylan Parienty, a French-Israeli stylist, explains that he worked more than 500 hours on the outfit that will be worn by singer Bilal Hassani in the final of the Eurovision 2019. “There was a big work on the silhouette to give it a triangular, futuristic shape, with only a crop top for madness. The entire inside of the garment is structured, lined with Thermo-stickers, balls to hold the decorations and a corset for Bilal to dance.”

Madonna explains why she sings at the Eurovision show in Tel Aviv

It was through an interview with Reuters that Madonna explained the reasons why she agreed to sing at the Eurovision 2019 finals. “I will never stop playing music to fix anyone’s political agenda or speaking out against human rights violations anywhere in the world. My heart breaks every time I learn that innocent lives have been lost and I hear of the violence that is so often used to fix the political goals of those who benefit from this long-standing conflict. I hope and pray that we will soon free ourselves from this terrible cycle of destruction and invention, a new path to peace.”